Friday, 29 October 2010

English magazine editor and international style icon. Isabella Blow is one of the most influential women to grace fashions presence. Any woman who would wear extravagant Avant-Garde hats that covered her face simply to stop strangers from kissing her is worth while writing about. In an interview with Issy declared that she wore outragous and extravagan hats for this reason:

“…to keep everyone away from me. They say, Oh can I kiss you? I say, No thankyou very much. Thats why I wear the hats. I dont want to be kissed by all. I just want to be kissed by the ones I love…”

Issy is a fashion icon and a living legend without a doubt. She sadly passed May 2007 after trying to commit suicide a number of times but the legacy she leave’s behind will storm through the fashionistas that try to follow after her. The muse of milner Phillip Treacy and credited for discovering model Sophie Dahl and imfamous designer Alexander McQueen, she was a living fashion force to be reckoned with.

I just thought I would post this little comment about her as i read a recent magazine article in the Sunday Times Style magazine, about her life and new books which are currently been written about her. If you do not know who Isabella Blow is, I suggest you have a little geek session and go check her out. She’s incredibly interesting and like no other.

S x